First off, welcome to our headquarters! We are the Remnants, a gaming guild that boasts of hosting unrestrained creativity. Among our ranks, we count a series of talented people, ranging from artists to novelists, and including gamers as well as coders. We take pride in our complementary strengths and welcome anyone who is willing to contribute to our ever-growing community.

     Our members have become close friends through their involvement, and in some rare cases, we even consider each other family. Members of our community enjoy playing games together on all platforms, sharing artwork, stories, Roleplaying, and more. But tell me, are you willing to put forth the effort required to join us and rise in the rankings? If so, it will definitely be worth your while.


     If you plan on joining this rapidly expanding organization, then please take a few few minutes to sign up, and once in, be sure to check out the live chatzones to take full advantage of everything we have to offer.

     I hope you decide to register for our forums. What goes on back here is really an amazing experience!